multilingual whisperer

Whisperer helps you understanding what a speaker is saying in a language you do not speak. Whisperer puts you at the center of the scene, not itself: Whisperer helps you understand what’s going on around you in a discreet way without making you feel dumb.

Just install Whisperer and you can start reading the translation of the audio you are listening.

If you wear your earphones, you can also listen the audio translation too. You can put your phone away and continue to discreetly understand what people are saying.

Differently from all voice translators we wanted to create an app that is not the center of the attention of a conversation. Multilingual Whisperer lets you understand what is happening around you and it does not pretend to approximately translate what you say.

Don't let yourself be caught out at next trips and events: download Whisperer right now!

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