Translated Love

Translated Love is an original song featuring the most languages on the same track in the history of music: 38 different languages ​​(and voices) in a single song.

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Translated Love is also an experiment to show that the psychological profiling of internet users and artificial intelligence can be used to promote a message of love and peace rather than for several controversial purposes, including promoting Brexit and Trump's successful election by inciting fear and hatred.

We created several posts using different text and images to promote the video, linking each to one of the character traits identified in the Big Five Theory. We validated the post/character trait association by testing 100 individuals, then publishing the posts on different social networks. On Facebook, for example, we used the profiling tools provided by the ad management system to associate the user classes with OCEAN character traits, defining an audience for each of the five posts listed below

The posts were translated into multiple languages ​​and published on Facebook. In less than one month of promotion, there were more than 2 million views.

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